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The Burton Effect

Celebrating Tim Burton’s artistic vision

Recent Work

  • Downhearted by 1chick1
  • Ambivalence by Nec-romancer
  • The Lives of the Laden by Jennifer Rhoades
  • Trippy Relax by alizeno .
  • Drink the poison, I promise it'll make you better by strawberries
  • Make Cake Not War by Sophie Corrigan
  • I have tried to extract myself from this mess by strawberries
  • Pugcasso by Katie Corrigan
  • The Other Side by Nec-romancer
  • Bleak Vision  by Nec-romancer
  • Jellyfish Boy by sandygrafik
  • Our doubts are traitors by strawberries

About This Group

The Burton Effect is a group devoted to artwork influenced by Tim Burton’s unique style – his ability to make the macabre and the dark seem beautiful and ethereal, his ability to successfully contrast opposing colours and concepts to create multiple layers of meaning and emotion, and his clever use of lines, shapes, and odd angles.

Current avatar is There’s A Bad Moon On The Rise by Nathalie Chaput

Group launched in May 2009

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