The Book Group

Group Rules:

Must be a book you have published .. E books, paper based books, POD books… That you have published.

Book art, only book art you have done, no pining others book art, unless it in a discussion forum and you give full links to the original image with the permission of the artist, other wise just use the link.

Book images, traditional still life book images any medium, created by you.
Pod self published magazines are also welcome, these can be showing others work in the editorial

We understand that this will not be the most active of groups, but lets promote the book group as the first place to look if you want to view books.
We would like as many of our authors and artists to be inactive co hosts in this group.. Please Bmail TheAgency if you would like to join our co host list .. All co hosts will have the same rights to enter challenges as non hosts.

Charlie also hosts
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