The Beauty of the European Waters

Photographic and Artistic Impressions of Europe's most beautiful Waters


  • Mardale Head by mikebov
  • ...Venice...water under the bridge by John44
  • River Dart by Michael Carter
  • Canal Lateral by Irene  Burdell
  • Dreaming of a summer morning at the sea by jchanders
  • Settle Bridge by Tom Gomez
  • Pirates of the Liverpool Dock by Darren Wilkes
  • Waiting for sailors by TheaDaams
  • Mossy Rocks At Sunset by Darren Wilkes
  • Sunset Pier. by Darren Wilkes
  • A Highland Beach by VoluntaryRanger
  • Annecy, dusk time on the beach by Patrick Morand
  • Kerry Cliffs III by pther
  • Kerry Cliffs I by pther
  • Kerry Cliffs II by pther
  • ...its so hot in Holland for a blond Scottish Lass... by John44
  • Rock Formations, Bosta Beach, Outer Hebrides by BlueMoonRose
  • Incoming Tide, Bosta Beach, Great Bernera by BlueMoonRose