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An Artistic Toast to Hot & Cold Drinks. (All works related to Bars, Coffee Houses, Tea Rooms etc...)

Group Rules:

Please note that rejecting your individual work for non-compliance to the group guidelines is reluctantly & strictly enforced. We hate rejection as much as you! Here are those guidelines:

~ Keep your submissions related to Hot & Cold Drinks and all it’s accoutrements.
~ All submissions are approved by the Hosts before they appear in the group.
~ Snap Shots will not be accepted
~ If you receive a rejection, you are welcome to make any changes/additions to your work so that it meets the guidelines set for this group, and resubmit it.
~ If you’re not sure about the work, Bubble Mail Rebecca, your host, for a clarification.
~ NO Nudity or off course Safe Filter works.

Don’t forget to participate in the Forums or read the Messages board as these group sections are often a great source of information and inspiration from your hosts & valued members like yourself in this group.

Most importantly…enjoy yourselves!!! Have fun and please follow the Redbubble User Agreement

Cheers, Rebecca