An Artistic Toast to Hot & Cold Drinks. (All works related to Bars, Coffee Houses, Tea Rooms etc...)

*This group is for showcasing artwork relating to alcohol (spirits / drinks) & items associated with such*

2012/07/10 FEATURES

Qnita Qnita 5580 posts

And here they are!! The latest 12 stunning features of the group! Thanks for submit this high standard work to the group… and congratulations!

Remember all featured work of the group are allowed to enter our monthly $20 VOUCHER AVATAR CHALLENGES. You still have about 23 hours from now to enter for this month!

There are still 6 days left to enter the FUN CHALLENGE #001: We are four at this party!

Tasting in the Garden
by Robin Webster

by Mike Oxley

Books and Wine by Candlelight
by Evita

Hot like hell, dark like the devil :)
by bubblehex08

Bourbon on the Rocks
by supersnapper

Tea or Coffee?
by Gilberte

by Jane Brack

by Matthew Walters

Vineyard Barrels
by ctheworld

The Grand Café, Oxford – French Press
by rsangsterkelly

Bundaberg on the rocks
by EOS20

More Saki Please
by DionNelson

ctheworld ctheworld 6833 posts

Congrats to all! Thank you for featuring my work.

Matthew Walters Matthew Walters 348 posts

Great selection, thanks for the feature.

Gilberte Gilberte 247 posts

Thanks for the feature of my pic and congrats to all the fine artists

virginian virginian 13951 posts

Congrats to all !

Evita Evita 14739 posts

Fabulous works… I’m honored to be included among them…. Thank you !!!
Congratulations to all other featured artists !!!

Jane Brack Jane Brack 667 posts

How great to be included in this feature! Thanks so much Qnita! Congrats to all!!