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The Art Of Still Life Features May 10th, 2012

Evita Evita 13217 posts

Hello everyone,

Thursday features are up… 12 beautiful works…
Do stop by to view and congratulate the artists…. All Images are click-able….

Still life in Black, White, and Red
by Lynda Earley

Still life
by Andy Duffus

Morning eggs
by Sue McGlothlin

by Beatrice Cloake

Gele viooltjes
by GWinkel

by Afonso Azevedo Neves

by JuliaPaa

Garden Party
by AngieDavies

Aglio, olio peperoncino (garlic, oil, chili) noodles
by Luisa Fumi

Still Life Five – Tumbling glasses
by Robyn Selem

when is a pair not a pair? – by Tessa
by Janine Paris

Of Leaf and Leather
by Vince Russell

Congratulations to all artists featured today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beatrice Cloake Beatrice Cloake 7811 posts

What a so lovely collection. I am proud to have a work of mine among these beautiful works. Thank you :)

AngieDavies AngieDavies 378 posts

Thanks so much for featuring Garden Party in this lovely gallery of features! Congratulations to all featured artists! Bravo!!!

Lynda Earley Lynda Earley 40 posts

Thanks for including me in this exciting gallery. Congrats to all of you!

Suemcg Suemcg 7 posts

Thank you so much for the feature! It is truly wonderful to be included with such a beautiful collection. Congratulations to everyone. :)

Robyn Selem Robyn Selem 8 posts

Thanks for the feature and motivation to keep at it. Well done to all the exhibitors.

Jay Gross Jay Gross 308 posts

Wow, great collection. Congratulations, all. -J: