The Art Of Still Life ~2 Per Day~

This is a group for artists who enjoy creating still life images

The Art Of Still Life features March 29th, 2012

Evita Evita 13490 posts

Hello Members,

Thursday features are up… 12 beautiful images…
Do stop by to view and congratulate the artists … all images are click-able.

Feeling blue
by Nicole Wells

One Way or Another
by Robin Webster

Red Vase
by Josie Duff

coffee time treat for 2
by Kyoko Beaumont

Spring Has Sprung…So I Brought It Indoors!
by heatherfriedman

Day 250 – 16th March 2012
by petegrev

"Kitchen – Spice Cupboard – 1940's"
by waddleudo

by Harlan Mayor

Candles in the Church
by Hans Bax

Cheers on St. Patrick's Day ♣♣♣
by Gregoria Gregoriou Crowe

Little Faces.
by Wendy Taylor.

The Flower
by �rdis B.

Congratulations to all artists featured today!!!!!!

waddleudo waddleudo 372 posts

I love all your choices – and every one is quite different from each other.
Congratulations to all the artists / photographers. Bravo!
Thank you Evita. It’s also great that the images are clickable!!
Cordially, Ellen

Hans Bax Hans Bax 55 posts

WOW! I feel honoured to be along all these great artists! Many congrats to all!
Have a wonderful day/evening!

Sally Griffin Sally Griffin 3800 posts

Congratulations to all Featured here,well done. Esp fine collection today!