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The Art Of Still Life ~2 Per Day~

This is a group for artists who enjoy creating still life images

  • ...for you my love.... by John44
  • Gay Pride, Birthday, or Wedding Cake  by Pamela Burger
  • Wood and glass. by Paul Pasco
  • still life with fruit by Evelyn Bach
  • Chili Peppers On The Beach by funnypixel
  • Simplicity by Sherry Hallemeier
  • Structured doodling by Maree Clarkson
  • Watermelon is by Diane Arndt
  • Ready for Oranges still life by LindaAppleArt
  • Romantic Trio by SexyEyes69
  • Light Drinker by MeRa  Imagery
  • Happy anniversary, Sweetheart. ❤❤❤ by Qnita
  • Sunrise at Puri Sea Beach by Mukesh Srivastava
  • Good vs Evil (Hard Victory)  by Dragos Dumitrascu
  • Still Life by tomatosoup
  • A Box of Daisies by Barbara Ingersoll
  • Ruby by Natalie Ord
  • Tea for Two/Tone on Tone by Valerie Rosen