The Art of Pain

It's in the difficult moments, in the dark spots of life that you are tested to find the beauty. Pain actually has the power to enrich your soul if you look at the Art of Pain.


  • takemeawaycn

    Insatiable by takemeawaycn

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  • su2anne

    This is your time by su2anne

    I am the ghost that haunts nightmares
    The stranger who befriends tears
    Come sit beside me
    Tell me your story
    I will give it full measure

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  • Anthony DiMichele

    anything at all? by Anthony DiMichele

    if you don’t work a job you don’t deserve to eat
    father told me but
    children are canny about the unnatural
    I know books’ death wishes in my bones that permeate medicine
    that is unprepar…

    306 words
  • autumnwind

    untitled by autumnwind

    it is in between sleep and waking
    I enter the long of dark halls
    leading to a boundless binding chasm
    I’ve grown to know well
    downward shadows
    where fraudulent, diseased reality
    occurs and overwhelms


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  • indigo-song

    Message In A Bottle by indigo-song

    wandering footprints upon the beach
    this winter’s storm draws breath
    to see a round upended face
    exposed by nature’s ferocity
    cleansed on receding tide

    opaque turquoise bottle
    half buried in the sand
    how l

    175 words
  • indigo-song

    Lost & Found by indigo-song

    when i was lost
    within myself
    no voice
    i screamed
    without a sound
    i slept through
    day and night
    all was grey
    nothing fit
    out of place
    when i was lost
    you found me
    held my hand
    helped me believe
    that there was more

    119 words
  • Vanessa  Warren

    Hush by Vanessa Warren

    Don’t say the words
    today let them rest
    course of action
    already taken
    path trodden
    no support
    upon contact
    time to tend
    those injuries

    209 words
  • uncleblack

    no rescue by uncleblack

    it streams down the sides, the windows,
    drains the sky,
    floods the begging ground.

    I look through, the rivulets,
    the blurred distance,
    like ancient memories,
    there, and yet not clear to me.

    we lost the hu…

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  • indigo-song

    Leaving Friendship by indigo-song

    long years
    ever present
    i must go dear friend
    the heart aching
    standing distant
    the love i feel
    dusk dancing
    walking the space between
    you have never known
    anchored firm
    hand held tight
    i know

    115 words
  • butterflyashes

    not just a dream by butterflyashes

    a mother’s words for her unborn baby

    161 words
  • uncleblack

    along the dark day by uncleblack

    as the fields turn, brown and so soon to green,
    the hungry nation sleeps,
    and I am idly winding my own way
    beyond my doubts and unwelcome fears.

    you bring to me a heavy hand,
    and you rest it upon mine,

    126 words
  • autumnwind

    untitled by autumnwind

    “Draw from deep within you” she whispered
    but all the good I found within
    were childhood memory moments
    when the world was wondrous and my soul sparkled
    in awe of so many things

    now what I find within me…

    188 words
  • uncleblack

    surrender by uncleblack

    mine is a simple pain,
    and yours,
    is yours alone.

    but we are sharing the same air,
    each day,
    each breath.

    you switch off the light,
    return the mind,
    free the limbs from their bindings.

    and I will wake,


    80 words
  • idnarainbow

    I Forgot by idnarainbow

    A heart is a fleshy bulb, wrapped in pulsating roots, aching to grow, aching to be planted.

    199 words
  • indigo-song

    Reflection of Beauty by indigo-song

    she hides in the mirror
    pretty face reflection
    strangely tinted of rose
    within such vanities

    each visit taints the myth
    our perception challenged
    acceptance demanded
    beneath this layered de

    61 words
  • indigo-song

    Change... by indigo-song

    through change
    we become unchained

    9.2014 indigo-song copyright

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  • charliethetramp

    white light from the mouth of infinity by charliethetramp

    breaking apart from this side of nowhere
    split second reality in the mouth of infinity
    secondary nightmares of disruptive energy
    hunting for equilibrium sleeping people dream
    flowers of passion in the ga…

    130 words

    b L E A K < part 5 > by MINDSET

    …still waiting…

    322 words