The Art of Pain

It's in the difficult moments, in the dark spots of life that you are tested to find the beauty. Pain actually has the power to enrich your soul if you look at the Art of Pain.


  • su2anne

    Unbound by su2anne

    And when I get down to
    The wire
    That defines need
    From desire
    There is the unexpected
    That binds me
    To tomorrow

    66 words
  • uncleblack

    walking wounded by uncleblack

    still lights sway at roads end,
    outside quiet, restless homes,
    bodies lay in warm slumber,
    galaxies move apart.

    the groaning load applies,
    itself, levelling the weak ones,
    softening up the hard ones,

    110 words
  • su2anne

    The emissary by su2anne

    All is too quiet
    Teeth are on edge
    Nape hair razor sharp endlessly saws at my collar
    A crazed kaleidoscope rotates haphazardly in front of my eyes

    239 words
  • uncleblack

    tiny timbers by uncleblack

    the mountains drain me of life,
    suck out the dew that forms
    on the insides of my eyes.

    they are present, permanent,
    they puncture the low clouds
    and gut the skies, in the heavy days.

    in their colossus i …

    78 words
  • Tracy Duckett

    After the Apocalypse by Tracy Duckett

    It didn’t happen of course,
    You left me instead.

    109 words
  • charliethetramp

    lilith through broken colours by charliethetramp

    trapped somewhere between a death wish and lust for life
    the wolf rabbit falls in love with a tyrannosaurus rex
    chasing shadows a flash of light bounded by two eternities
    dream creatures drifting into …

    126 words
  • Anthony DiMichele

    The Big One by Anthony DiMichele

    the big one is coming
    but I didn’t bother
    shouting it
    from the doors of stores
    or in the concrete market for killing trees
    here comes my sister with flowers in her hair
    and she walks straight through…

    354 words
  • Vanessa  Warren

    The Last Train by Vanessa Warren

    I left her on the last train of the day, watched her being carried away from me, and though she glanced at me from under lowered lash, her plaintive, silent cry was clear and easily understood.

    137 words

    HarsH by MINDSET

    …smooth out…

    39 words
  • Vanessa  Warren

    Fire by Vanessa Warren

    Feel the heat
    close enough
    and it will scar
    and burn

    141 words
  • Ian Mooney

    The Banshee's Angel by Ian Mooney

    Banshee screams will pierce the blackest night
    Yet they will not wake the other living dead
    For the screaming lingers only in my mind
    And tempts me like a moth into the flame
    To end my time upon this spi…

    369 words
  • su2anne

    Irony by su2anne

    I will not abide by
    Your demands…
    Coil by coil
    Undo this viper
    And grow full
    With light…

    96 words
  • charliethetramp

    when the telephone melts by charliethetramp

    add insult to injury the devil may care at the drop of a hat
    there is always somewhere else so ask and seek a liability
    behold and see against the wall socrates drinking hemlock
    backtalk the white rabbi…

    155 words
  • su2anne

    The contest by su2anne

    Is anybody out there?”
    But the knocking was inside
    My skull
    I’d left home!

    165 words
  • indigo-song

    Flower by indigo-song

    when all the tears of the world
    has fed the earth sodden
    then i will show you a flower
    that waited to bloom

    show you the flower
    that reaches up
    through the urban street
    to find the sunshine

    take you to its

    115 words
  • su2anne

    Ignorance is not bliss by su2anne

    Demons locked
    Laugh free. Ghouls let
    Loose. They
    Mock and jeer… are the
    Other side of me.
    Where has Grace
    Gone? I need her
    NOW! No peace of
    Mind. Or love

    178 words
  • su2anne

    The tip is all that's seen by su2anne

    Drowning. An
    Unrelenting dirge accompanies the
    Smell of a
    Funeral pyre of
    Shattered hopes and
    Corpses lost. There is no
    End that I can
    See for the
    Light can not

    111 words
  • su2anne

    A cycle… one of many by su2anne

    The time of telling is told
    The place to be has gone
    I must dig deep to grow

    90 words