Appalachian Life & Artists!

Appalatchian Lifestyle both Past & Present by Artists from the Region.


  • White Tail Deer Profile by Ginny York
  • Rain on my garden by Carol Smith
  • Pretty in blue by Carol Smith
  • Crown Gas Station by Jeanne Sheridan
  • Houses Damaged by Tornado by Kent Nickell
  • Make A Wish by Ginny York
  • A Train Passes the Bristol Train Station at Night by Greg Booher
  • Bye,Bye Blackbird by Ann Eldridge
  • Azalea Sunrise by Geno Rugh
  • Upper Niagara Rapids by JHRphotoART
  • Beauty in the dark by Carol Smith
  • The Carnival Comes To Town by © Joe  Beasley IPA
  • Going Up, Coming Down by Roger Jewell
  • High Jumper by Roger Jewell
  • Simple Pleasures by Ginny York
  • A Morning In The Mist by Geno Rugh
  • Looking Up by TrendleEllwood
  • Fill Er Up by Jeanne Sheridan