The Addicted Photographer

You are like a kid in a candy store when you hold a camera; you're addicted.


  • Summer rose by Alberto  DeJesus
  • 1717 sunset by pcfyi
  • 'Volcano'  (urban gravel mounds :) by Laurie Minor
  • Stream heading out to the Lake.... Everyone needs time away to recharge their batteries.....Solitude by jammingene
  • Trev by Ladymoose
  • The Church of Saint Nicholas, Stockholm, Sweden by Carole-Anne
  • 1956 chevy bel-air..full out fast junkie by jammingene
  • Her parapet by Heather King
  • Gamla Stan, Stockholm by Carole-Anne
  • Blue by Lisa Williams
  • Bee and purple flower Leith Park Victoria 20160420 6852 by Fred Mitchell
  • THe End Of A LOng JOurney by Graeme M
  • Golden Rose Leith Park Victoria 20160420 6835  by Fred Mitchell
  • Yellow pink rose Leith Park Victoria 20160420 6833  by Fred Mitchell
  • Gone For Lunch by Lesliebc
  • Wall paintings Schonbrunn Palace Vienna Austria 19840803 0016 by Fred Mitchell
  • Great Hall Schonbrunn Palace Vienna Austria  19840803 0015 by Fred Mitchell
  • Gardens Schonbrunn Palace Vienna Austria 19840803 0013 by Fred Mitchell