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Recent Work

  • Grand Cayman Shore by Rosemary Sobiera
  • Bahamian Hibiscus by Rosemary Sobiera
  • Age Before Beauty 2 by Rosemary Sobiera
  • Jellyfish © by Ethna Gillespie
  • I'm wide awake, I can't be dreamin'.....Death Valley Dream by jammingene
  • Going Fishing!! by jozi1
  • Kangaroo & Joey, Geehi Camp Gorund, Australia 2013 by muz2142
  • Old Shop, Lue, New South Wales,Australia 2009 by muz2142
  • French Irony? Paris, France 2012 by muz2142
  • Rocks Boardwalk & Two Opera Houses, Sydney 2013 by muz2142
  • Simply Calla-lossal by Michael May
  • Stained Glass Fan-tasy by Michael May

About This Group

*New group can be found here *

In this group you will not only be able to contribute your most popular works as judged by the number of viewings they have had but will also be the one place where you can see all of those works by others which have also proved to be extremely popular.

The minimum number of viewings your works can have is 100 and the maximum is 199. Beyond this number you are welcome to join our sister group, the 200 – 499 Viewings group

Please ensure your image is removed from the 100-199 Views Group at the time of submission to the 200-499 Views Group.

As we have no way of telling how many views your works have had, we rely on your honesty when you are submitting them. Then again all Redbubble members are honest anyway!

To save you Clickng on the group rules, these are they:

1. A work must have been viewed between 100 and 199 times before being submitted to the group

2. To give all members reasonable exposure on the front page of the gallery we ask that submissions be kept down to 3 per day. Any works beyond this limit may be removed from the group.

3. We request that the number of views be included either in the title or on a separate line within the first few lines of your description of the work. Failure to abide by this request may result in the removal of all affected images.

4. Images or writing which are sexually suggestive or which display nudity or which are otherwise likely to cause offence to viewers will not be accepted. We will be the judges of that and no correspondence will be entered into.

The group gallery will be restricted to 150 pages.

Congratulations to jhawa who has been chosen as our new featured artist.

Jhawa’s beautiful image before the night

will be our avatar until the next featured artist is chosen.

See the group rules and join this group here

Membership of the group is by invite only.

Your Hosts