Temperate Zone Rainforests

Anything recognisable as from a temperate zone rainforest

Recent Work

  • Nature's Lilac Queen Mary Falls National Park Australia by Sandra  Sengstock-Miller
  • Flowing Again... by Tracie Louise
  • 300mm.... by Tracie Louise
  • Start of the Trail... by Tracie Louise
  • Coal Creek Falls by journeysincolor
  • Mushrooms in the Forest by journeysincolor
  • Paddy.... by Tracie Louise
  • Milford Sound South Island New Zealand by Sandra  Sengstock-Miller
  • Australian Koala by Sandra  Sengstock-Miller
  • Night Heron Australia by Sandra  Sengstock-Miller
  • South Island rainforest New Zealand by Sandra  Sengstock-Miller
  • Purling Brook - Breaking the Drought by Tracie Louise

About This Group

This group was conceived by four people who have a genuine love of temperate zone rainforests. Our world has many such places, all with wonderful fauna and flora, waterfalls, lakes, creeks and rivers, and all magnificent opportunities for the avid photographer to apply his or her art.
We invite photographers from around our globe, who, have like minded interests, to join and share with us your photographs. So, if this is you, and your photographs are of high quality and they are from a temperate zone rainforest somewhere on earth, then we would love to showcase them here.
But, in order to keep this special group growing with high quality images, we would like you to include somewhere in the description, the name of the forest and the country of origin. This is needed so we can establish that the image was actually taken in one of the many temperate zone rainforests from around our beautiful globe.

See the group rules and join this group here