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Tell Your Photo Story (Series, Composites, Collages)

A group for image series, composites, collages. and calendars with a conceptual theme

Spotlight Feature

dgrizzle dgrizzle 993 posts

A Huge Congrats to Damienne Bingham & Jacinthe Brault

Amazing color & Macro’s

Staring At The Sun II
by Damienne Bingham

Colour of Life XLI
by Damienne Bingham

Colour Of Life XXIV
by Damienne Bingham

Gerbera 2
by Jacinthe Brault

Gerbera 1
by Jacinthe Brault

Gerbera 6
by Jacinthe Brault

Gerbera 5
by Jacinthe Brault

Gerbera 4
by Jacinthe Brault


Gerbera 8
by Jacinthe Brault

Gerbera 7
by Jacinthe Brault

Stunning Series both!

Marjolein Katsma Marjolein Katsma 1593 posts

Excellent work! Congratulations, both!

vaggypar vaggypar 13447 posts

Nice one ..!!

Jacinthe Brault Jacinthe Brault 234 posts

This is a real honour, thank you!

Damienne Bingham Damienne Bingham 340 posts

Wow this was such a wonderful surprise, thanks so much Darcy! You picked some of my favourite photos. And what a beautiful collection Jacinthe has – big congrats to her! And thanks again for the lovely honour!