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Recent Work

  • Geometry of Barcelona by Victor Bezrukov
  • Australian fig bird by indiafrank
  • Colours of autumn by indiafrank
  • Calling by kalaryder
  • Rest your head on my shoulder by Heather King
  • Australian Brown Falcon  by Margaret Stanton
  • 52617 barn by pcfyi
  • Ducks out of water!  by Margaret Stanton
  • Enchantment Of Spring by funnypixel
  • Moonta mine by indiafrank
  • Cloud formation 2 by indiafrank
  • 1247 Pyramid Rock by DavidsArt

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Hello and welcome to Tell It Like It Is

A place to share the PHOTOS that make you proud. The ones that will make anyone with a good eye nod and mutter “ahhh, that’s a great shot”.

Basically, I want you to Tell It Like It Is. (Which means minimal enhancements of EXTRAORDINARY shots… not everyday bits’n’pieces).

It is very important you read the rules and understand the etiquette guidelines.

Thank you, I look forward to your participation in Tell It Like It Is

Your host, Maree

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a bit of skirt
by Maree Cardinale

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