500-5000 views of Tees, Stickers and Cases

Group Rules:

1. A work must have 500 to 5000 views to be part of this group. This group is based on honesty. If your work doesn’t seem like it should have 500 hits we may Bmail you and ask that you provide the hosts with a screenshot of your “My Art” page.

2. Before submitting a work, its description should be edited to include
the exact number of views and the date of submission. This statement should be easily visible without the moderators having to use the “Show Full Description” Button.
for example:
“My Awesome Possum – by MTKlima
525 views as of 31 August 2012! You viewers are the real awesome possums!
Gouache, 48×36 inches, 2010 – An informal study of my possum”

3. Maximum of 2 (two) submissions per day. If you submit more than two works per day, the first two will be assessed for inclusion in the group, the third (and higher) will be

4. Members must follow Redbubble’s “Community Guidelines”.