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Technical Photography

This group where you can share your expertise and perhaps learn from others.

Recent Work

  • The Fox - Le Renard ..sans Le Corbeau  by John44
  • Wind Power by Motti Golan
  • Naomi's Birthday by yvesrossetti
  • A story forever told by Heather King
  • He guards me from  bad dreams... by Rick Gold
  • ..The happy Easter Peacock...  by John44
  • triple lotus by yvesrossetti
  • Topside Pass  From TRIG - Shoreham 2013 by Colin J Williams Photography
  • Concorde Sunrise 4 - Brooklands by Colin J Williams Photography
  • St.Kilda Sands by Damian Morphou
  • Yatchs of the bay by Damian Morphou
  • 47 Buick by barkeypf

About This Group

This group where you can share your expertise and perhaps learn from others. Post your photograph and list the detail on the image of how it was created: i.e the camera, time of day, location, lens, speed, how it was post edited. In doing this others looking at the group can get Ideas about how to better themselves at photography.

We are particularly interested in complex shots such as high light or low light environments, fast aperture or long aperature etc or those with interesting post editing.

If you would like detail feedback bubble mail me. I’m getting bussy lately due to new obligations. I still don’t follow other groups that make you wait for approval and make limits photography is not about limits but braking the limits set by others.

Lifes rule one is learn something new every day.
rule two share what you know to others.

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