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Please Me ! (Teasing images) Photography only !

This will not be a group for full blown nudity but more of a pleasing tease to the onlooker which has always been my main aim in my work.

Recent Work

  • Black Cos Play 1 by Dave Cauchi
  • Topless dancer I by Milan Latta
  • Glamour INSIDE the Bridge 1 by Anton Oparin
  • Blue Cos Play by Dave Cauchi
  • Black Cos Play 2 by Dave Cauchi
  • PIPER DREAMS No78-9173 by Amyn Nasser
  • Blonde by Bob Martin
  • red dress pinup by DareImagesArt
  • PIPER 4th No78-8795 - Amyn Nasser by Amyn Nasser
  • PIPER SPARKS !!! No78-9366  by Amyn Nasser
  • Piper Piperlicious No78-9098 by Amyn Nasser
  • Trick or Treat by George Krause

About This Group

I want this group to be enjoyable fun and very teasing to the eye full blown nudity will not be allowed in the group as this is not the idea of the group there is no other group like it … So it will be one of a kind in it’s own right which I think will make this group very successful.

Rosina x

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Avatar Image

Avatar Image : Ibiza Girls ! by Rosina Morgan ….

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