Tarot: Map Of Consciousness

Group Rules:

. Works submitted are to be absolutely personal artistic creations. Drawings, paintings, compositions, photographs, digital editing…, anything that can be loaded into the media.

. Works submmited have to be absolutely based upon the symbology of the Tarot pack of cards. There are many different ones. But the symbology related should be clear, and visible. The inspiration got from any source, but the identification of the elements of the work, very clear.

. Any of the works submmited should have a description of the work. The value of this description is great for letting others to learn about the “soul” of the same one.
It is interesting too…. to mention the source of the inspiration. And could be great to receive a personal expression about what this inspiration has meant as a spiritual level, if it did.

. Inspiring writings and poems are heartedely admmitted. As soon as they are produced by Tarot’s influences. They can serve a s a description as well.

. The entering works per day will be of 2 maximum. Please we beg you respect this rule. The moderating will be easier and everyone will have much more attention when there is enough time for each entry. Writings as well.

. We encourage the members to be nice and reciprocating. That means commenting in as much works as one has submmitted to the group. And not be hearty just with the friends sharing, but all the souls that are participating into the Journey.