Tarot: Map Of Consciousness

Tarot as a Mirror and a Soul Pathway . Meeting the Cosmic Man . VitalCode . Archetypal Journey . Sacred Learning


  • Ace of Wands by nexus7
  • The Lovers by nexus7
  • The Star by nexus7
  • Four of Swords by nexus7
  • The Sanctum of I by Druidstorm
  • Before by Druidstorm
  • Card-Reader by ellamental
  • Ruler of Swords by WinonaCookie
  • Queen of Wands by WinonaCookie
  • Goddess of Imaginary Light (The Star) by Lynsye Medalia
  • Keeper of the Stars (Justice) by Lynsye Medalia
  • The Chariot by WinonaCookie
  • The Empress by WinonaCookie
  • Tarot - Temperance by Martilena
  • the star XVII by Sankofa
  • A series of strange events by Larissa Kulik
  • The God Machine... by Mike Cressy
  • Young sorceress by Larissa Kulik