Tarot: Map Of Consciousness

Tarot as a Mirror and a Soul Pathway . Meeting the Cosmic Man . VitalCode . Archetypal Journey . Sacred Learning


  • The Magus by Christopher Gerber
  • The High Priestess by Christopher Gerber
  • Justice by Anna Shaw
  • The Hermit by Anna Shaw
  • The Empress by nexus7
  • Queen of Swords by nexus7
  • Wheel Of Fortune by Anna Shaw
  • Strength by Anna Shaw
  • The Chariot by Anna Shaw
  • The Hierophant by Anna Shaw
  • The Sun by ganieda
  • Ace of Wands by ganieda
  • The Tower by ganieda
  • Strength by ganieda
  • happy christmas bubble people by dnlddean
  • The Emperor (2) by Anna Shaw
  • The Priestess by nexus7
  • The Tower by nexus7