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Tarot: Map Of Consciousness

Tarot as a Mirror and a Soul Pathway . Meeting the Cosmic Man . VitalCode . Archetypal Journey . Sacred Learning


  • The Devil - Card by WinonaCookie
  • The High Priestess - Card by WinonaCookie
  • The Fool by Oehmig Birgit
  • The Magician by Oehmig Birgit
  • The High Priestess by Oehmig Birgit
  • The Empress by Oehmig Birgit
  • The Reading by helene ruiz
  • The Star by Davol White
  • The Jester of Mardi Gras by helene ruiz
  • THE HERMIT by Larry Butterworth
  • The Fool by Simon Groves
  • The Death Card by Esther Johnson
  • Temperance by Esther Johnson
  • The Hanged Man by Esther Johnson
  • Two of Coins by nexus7
  • Queen of Swords, Card by WinonaCookie
  • Queen of Cups, Card by WinonaCookie
  • The Emperor (Tarot of the Roses)  by Anita Inverarity