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Forum opened for Alejandro Jodorowski

RosaCobos RosaCobos 347 posts

Hi friends,

I wish to make you notice that new things are coming out lately in the Tarot: Map of Consciousness group.
I would be happy enough to dive into some of you writings, and learn from your experiences, but the case is not like that.
One of my motto in Life is to keep myself unreachable by the disheartening. And so I have posted a short article or hommage writing or remembering or whatever it is about Alejandro Jodorowsky.

It is called “My Friend Alejandro Jodorowsky”. I am not going to talk anymore of it right now. This is for announcing it.
So…if some oone of you would love to get into…easy!…..clicking and opening eyes and heart and so internal ears is enough.

I hope you will like it, friends!!!
From here….I warm up my feelings with your presence and company and am sending you a tight and warm hug!

Here My Friend, Alejandro Jodorowsky