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Tarot: Map Of Consciousness New Avatar

This challenge closed about 7 years ago.

The Challenge

We are inviting the members of Tarot: Map of Conciousness to participate into a challenge for choosing among the art entries, a new avatar for the group. Right now, the avatar is “TheCosmicFool.Wisdom” created by Rosa Cobos. It would be great to give the chance to the creator-members for having one of their works showing with pride as an avatar for the group.

Judging / Voting Criteria

The voting will be considering the expressive quality of the work. This expression should be clear enough as to identify the art with the characters and archetypes of the Tarot Pack.So that when another member or RB friend should see it… could tell “oh… what a great Tarot character rendering!”. Artistic qualities apart. Though these are to be considered as a support of the global quality of the avatar.

Rewards & Prizes

The prize is the using of the chosen work as an avatar during some undefined time. When the moment to change it will arrive we will announce it, launching another new avatar challenge.
Would be great to have it each month’s period, more or less.

Additional Information

We encourage everyone to participate, wether you have posted or not any work. It is a nice way to collaborate in the smooth and enriching pathway of the group. Thank you very much.
Rosa . Tammy


The Top Ten

Queen of Wands by WinonaCookie

Queen of Wands by WinonaCookie was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 10 votes.

  • The Moon - La Luna by DMCart Daniela M. Casalla
  • Keeper of the Stars (Justice) by Lynsye Medalia
  • The Star by nexus7
  • The High Priestess by Alison Pearce
  • Hamlet´sPassion (TwoOfSwords) by RosaCobos
  • The High Priestess by Evita
  • Moon by monica98

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