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Group Rules:

1. NO NUDITY or suggestive photography. Please do not submit art that can be considered of an adult content.

2. Please make sure the image show a clear, unobstructed view of the tables or chairs and that they are are the main focus of your capture and image

3. For this group all forms of visual art i.e. photography, paintings (both traditional & digital), and sketches are welcomed

4. Images showing shop or store fronts will no longer be accepted (reference copyright laws )

4. No limit your submissions but please keep them varied

5. All submissions are approved by the Hosts before they appear in the group.

6. If you receive a rejection, you are welcome to make any changes/additions to your work so that it meets the guidelines set for this group, and resubmit it.

7. If you’re not sure about the work, BMail for clarification.

8. From time to time there will be themed challenges. Please check out the Challenges
section of this group regularly so you don’t miss out on an opportunity to participate in these group events. It is a very good way of show casing your work.

More importantly enjoy yourselves!!! Have fun and please follow the Redbubble User Agreement