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The Best Bold And Blazing Designs On Redbubble!

Recent Work

  • Hardcore Mom of Awesomeness by emodist
  • Glaceon Iceberg by eleonardi
  • An Interstellar Cruiser Transits Stephan's Quintet iPad/iPhone/iPod/Samsung cases by Dennis Melling
  • An Interstellar Cruiser T-shirt design by Dennis Melling
  • I'm a Fearless Warrior by Muzich
  • Ninetails On Fire! by hardsign
  • Only Elephants Should Wear Ivory by thekohakudragon
  • Serenity  by Brittany Ketcham
  • Red-eyed Leaf Frog by hummingbirds
  • Naruto Uzumaki  by hardsign
  • Women Bass Players Rock by Samuel Sheats
  • Shield Lanyard by zorpzorp

About This Group

Are you a T-Shirt .. iPhone/iPad .. Sticker designer .. do you create something magical .. that special something

Do you have something to say .. do you want to pass on wisdom or just have a rant

Doesn’t matter if you create dark or light designs

They could be cute and funny or maybe fantasy designs .. Or even photo designs

We take adult and children designs

If this describes you .. then this is the Group for you BUT remember we only take Ts .. iphones .. stickers .. and .. only 3 submissions a day

All work submitted to this group MUST be in Tee Shirt or iPhone or Sticker format .. everything else will be rejected

Please read the RULES carefully before joining

please familiarize with this guide for making Tees from redbubble. This is the standard the moderation will follow. If you’re rejected read this…

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Winners Gallery
The Winner of the challenge Valentine T Shirt, Iphone, Ipad or Sticker Feb 2014 is Love moo by Koekelijn

The Winner of the challenge Christmas T Shirt Novenmber 2013 is Christmas Bear T Shirt by LoneAngel




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