Sydney's Guide to Exhibitions

For artists who want to exhibit their works in Sydney

Recent Work

  • Runaway by John Douglas
  • Dancing In The Light Of Love  by C J Lewis
  • Dancing In The Darkness Of The Night by C J Lewis
  • Midnight Jam by John Douglas
  • Crawling Diamond Snake  by C J Lewis
  • Chameleon by C J Lewis
  • Good-Looking Men in Skimpy Bathing Suits in Front of Greenery by John Douglas
  • IN TUNE   by C J Lewis
  • Communication of the Crowns   by C J Lewis
  • Shake a Leg by John Douglas
  • Lauterbrunnen, Late Afternoon by John Douglas
  • Fair Man by John Douglas

About This Group

We welcome artists (any mediums) who are looking for more exposure in Sydney.

The images uploaded to this group must be available for future exhibitions. They must be the artists’ original works.

We can exchange information about galleries & exhibition spaces. Share experiences about past exhibitions and competitions, art transports, art workshops & classes, studio spaces, etc.

We welcome curators and gallery enquiries.
Please contact

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