Sydney zine

small zine to showcase peoples writing and art/graphics to advertise their redbubble profile

Recent Work

  • Blue Mountains saved from the Flames by STEPHEN GEORGIOU
  • St Andrews Cathedral .. Australia's Oldest by Michael Matthews
  • Majestic Queen Victoria by Michael Matthews
  • View To Bare Island by Michael Matthews
  • Sunset Log by Michael Matthews
  • La Perouse Beach Panorama by Michael Matthews
  • THE BREAK OF DAWN by John Cocoris
  • Friends splitting the peak by David  Bell
  • Resting Place In The Gardens by Michael Matthews
  • Wentworth Falls After The Big Rain by Michael Matthews
  • COUNTRY ROAD by John Cocoris
  • MOUNTAIN CLIFF TOP by John Cocoris

About This Group

A small run zine in sydney that people can have their worked displayed in to promote their redbubble profiles in the general public. A photocopied, hand distributed zine with no budget. All work credited (owner keeps all copyright on images) and only work added to the group with the specific purpose of being added to the zine will be used. No pressure, no deadlines. Just a simple way to get you art out into the real world for everyone to see. All included artists to have links back to the RedBubble site
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