Group Rules:

Forget the two images per person rule, I wanna see some good stuff. Although, please only use what you are proud of and please do consider other people, so if you submit a heap of images at once, you’ll find some of them get rejected to give everyone a chance.

Check out an artwork by Clark Takashima, called Kalani Deep, Pipeline Hawaii. And check out the first comment. When people look at the image, it immediately makes them think about being there and what feels like to be that bloke. That is what I hope to get out of this group. So please don’t be offended if your image is rejected, just get out there and try and capture that feeling. And also remember groups such as Waves and Beach Art are out there too, as your image may be more suited to those groups.

Any dramas, send me a message.

Lets hope Huey is good to us all!