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Life in the City, Suburbs, or Bush (3 Images per 24 hours)

A group displaying images of City,Suburban, or rural Life from around the world - Includes the people; or the lifestyle; or the culture within these places.


  • Charldia

    A World of Betrayal by Charldia

    Betrayal is a venomous serpent
    Coiled around a breaking heart
    Poised waiting to strike for the main attack
    To destroy a soul with that final lethal bite…

    You gave your heart, you gave your all
    To the lov

    606 words
  • waddleudo

    Revisions by waddleudo

    The author of the story in which Mary was the main character had exchanged her brother for a sister – every writer’s prerogative.. Poor Mary. Her life only goes downhill from there.
    402 words
  • PJ Ryan

    the dirt and the dogs by PJ Ryan

    I broke his fuckin’ neck because he was a dog.

    1586 words
  • waddleudo

    FATE by Ellen Hecht (2014) all rights reserved by waddleudo

    Our destiny is formulated early in lif . . .

    56 words
  • Ken McElroy

    Cottonwood Camp by Ken McElroy

    and I picture myself
    before the age of cell phones and laptops
    and colonoscopies.

    215 words
  • waddleudo

    HER BRIGHT FUTURE by Ellen Hecht (c) 2012-2014 by waddleudo

    Nature had performed a miracle giving Natalie good looks and hope – something that everyone during the depression had buried along the dusty roadside between Oklahoma and where they ran out of gas.

    1500 words
  • biddumy

    A Guardian Angel With Kleenex by biddumy

    Glasgow people are the friendliest people in the world!

    515 words
  • Charldia

    Fogged Mirrors by Charldia

    As we grow old, get a little slow, things change
    And it seems like our body gets rearranged
    Sags and bags are not meant to see
    So I try to avoid mirrors constantly.
    So before I shower, I turn the hot wat…

    138 words
  • Sally Omar

    paper cut by Sally Omar

    rising above him
    one sheet at a time
    days of his life
    encrypted in silver
    boring and uneventful
    in the corner
    of the first sheet
    a small drop of blood
    a paper cut

    an epiphany

    life was speeding
    yet he had stoo

    138 words
  • Sally Omar

    where are we by Sally Omar

    where are we
    swinging somewhere
    between the gates of heaven
    and the blistering heat of hell
    dancing on the cusp of the moon
    or digging the fossils that remain
    wishing for more than we have
    or content being …

    138 words
  • Sally Omar

    ~~~~~breathe~~~~~~ by Sally Omar

    deep in my soul
    there is unrest
    there is a calling
    the beating of drums
    the wind calling to me
    the sea beseeches me
    to go on a journey
    every soul must travel
    in its own direction
    find peace at some point

    128 words
  • Sally Omar

    the last eagle by Sally Omar

    the last eagle stood
    on a burnt-out tree
    at the top of a hill
    staring down
    at the destruction
    that lay before him
    man had finally succeeded
    in destroying the world
    alone, his mate perished
    in the devastatio…

    115 words
  • Sally Omar

    what is freedom? by Sally Omar

    what is freedom?…

    we walked our roads
    married our women
    led our lives with many customs
    you came…abducted us
    put us on slave ships
    destroyed our lives

    we worked the fields
    picked cotton
    tended your h

    258 words
  • biddumy

    THE COMEUPPANCE by biddumy

    Morning break at primary school should have been twenty minutes of light hearted time away from lessons. Instead, I was skulking in and out of the dark dank corridors with my best friend Rose. …

    2852 words
  • waddleudo

    Witchcraft for Dummies by waddleudo

    “After meeting on every full moon for a year, Miranda and her coven decided to pool their knowledge and write a “How To” manual for witches.”
    503 words
  • waddleudo

    Low Tide by waddleudo

    The mother interrupted the daughter. “You mean the mermaid spoke English?”
    “Yes, Mum,” the girl answered with a slight hint of exasperation.

    1195 words
  • waddleudo

    Autumn Haiku by waddleudo

    Smoke from fireplaces
    filling the crisp autumn air
    blurs the harvest moon

    12 words
  • waddleudo

    HEDDA d’ KLASS by Ellen Hecht © 2013 All Rights Reserved by waddleudo

    Sliding his size twelves into hot pink, high-heeled pumps, with his shoulders pushed back, fake tits thrust forward and head held high, Ezra transformed into the character “Hedda d’ Klass."

    5372 words