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Life in the City, Suburbs, or Bush (3 Images per 24 hours)

Group Rules:


The guidelines for the group have evolved to something we hope will take us all to the next level in our quest for meaning and beauty through the art of photography.
We are looking for images taken anyplace that man has altered his surroundings; from the crowded urban cities to small town suburbia. It may be just a few fishermen along the beach of their village to a concert crowd in a stadium. We are looking for images that convey how people live and how they interact within their built environment. Hopefully if you can also show how it impacts their lives.

1) Your subject is the man in tattered clothes on the street corner with a grocery cart full of his worldly possessions, show us how he relates to the rest of the area and those around him. Also try to capture how the surroundings and people relate to him. Think beyond just a great close up portrait of one man’s suffering; expand the social commentary to show how everyone else has a role in that suffering be it good or bad.

2) The weathered and colloquial woman with her baskets of wares laid out in front of her at the local market is always a wonderful image, now take this scene to the next level and capture how she is a part of the market and how she relates to the other people there. Remember she isn’t alone, she is one of many and they have a story to be told as a group.

The focus here isn’t about cityscape or architectural photography but rather the interaction of people within that broader context.

Street scenes and photojournalism are actually the basis of this but we are looking to how all of this fits and interacts within our built environment. So after you get that great portrait of the old woman feeding the pigeons, step back and take note of how everything works together as a whole either keeping her as the main subject or letting her be part of the whole.

Keep in mind composition will be an important factor in how your message comes across.

The preferred medium is photographic and can be black and white, color or tinted.

Leave off the urge to add texture overlays and frames; it just takes away from your message.

Professional quality images are preferred, however if you submit a really poor quality image taken with your cell phone but it just screams with passion you will likely get featured. We want images that speak to the heart.

Only use HDR to enhance the image, this really isn’t the place for obviously tone mapped photographs.

Images of cruelty and violence whether it be man or animal will not be allowed.

That said let’s look beyond the boundaries of the view finder and see the interplay of life in the city, suburbs and rural communities of our world.

Only 3 Images per 24 hour period

Your hosts, Ralph and Jim