Stunning Scenery 'Favorites'

A collection of your scenery photos that other people have 'favorited' - landscapes, seascapes, mountainscapes, treescapes and cityscapes. Colour photos only thanks.


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Welcome to the group, members can add your 2013 calendars here & group messages etc.

3 months ago by PhotosByG
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Wow, I’ve been featured! I’d like to thank the Academy, my next door neighbours and the amazing hosts for their great taste! The hosts do read these but we don’t leave a comment.

over 2 years ago by Carolyn Wright
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For those who don’t know the procedure to link your calendars.

over 2 years ago by PhotosByG
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Every so often, the Stunning Scenery ‘Favorites’ group will put the spotlight on an individual artist who excels in quality work.

over 1 year ago by Eric Glaser
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To make room in ‘Group Messages’ out of date forum postings are moved here.

over 1 year ago by PhotosByG
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