Stuck in a box

Photographs containing boxes or box shapes

Recent Work

  • Between the buildings Melbourne VIC Australia by Margaret Morgan (Watkins)
  • The Knotted Nets by PictureNZ
  • Smelling Musty  by PictureNZ
  • Beyond Salvation  by PictureNZ
  • When Bio Diesel Conquers Oil by PictureNZ
  • Dragon Wood by PictureNZ
  • Protect Your Investment  by PictureNZ
  • HOG by PictureNZ
  • The Photo Bomber  by PictureNZ
  • Have You Met My Brother?  by PictureNZ
  • Osiris, Lord of the Dead  by PictureNZ
  • The Revelation  by PictureNZ

About This Group

“Stuck in a box” is a group for Photographers which have captured a box in some way.

The box can either be an actual box, or something which is the shape of a box.

The box/box shape must be in view – not in the background but part of the main focal area or the meaning of the photograph.

Any work which is not suitable will be removed.

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