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Stuck in a box

Photographs containing boxes or box shapes

Recent Work

  • Fruit Galore by phil decocco
  • Looking Forward by PictureNZ
  • Cave Man Dinner by phil decocco
  • Escher's Pigeon - Sydney Harbour by Bryan Freeman
  • Black And White Triangles by phil decocco
  • A Sugar Rush by PictureNZ
  • Aromas by phil decocco
  • Good Advice - Sydney Silver Bullet by Bryan Freeman
  • Open Shutters Menu by phil decocco
  • .....Grind Slowly, But Surely by phil decocco
  • Dappled Railings by PictureNZ
  • Luncheon Trays by PictureNZ

About This Group

“Stuck in a box” is a group for Photographers which have captured a box in some way.

The box can either be an actual box, or something which is the shape of a box.

The box/box shape must be in view – not in the background but part of the main focal area or the meaning of the photograph.

Any work which is not suitable will be removed.

See the group rules and join this group here

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