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Striking Shells

A group to add your wonderful shells treasures and help each other to identify the shells you find.

Recent Work

  • Polished haliotis' shell 2 by Spondylus
  • Summer Treasures by AngieDavies
  • Escape to the Sea by AngieDavies
  • Organic form No.5 by Andy Duffus
  • Fragment by Otto Danby II
  • Treasure by Otto Danby II
  • Lightning Whelk by Georgia Walters
  • Sublunuloceras by Spondylus
  • Ammonite shell by Spondylus
  • Chambered Nautilus by Spondylus
  • Polished haliotis' shell by Spondylus
  • My Shells by WildestArt

About This Group

This group is for people who are passionate about shells
Please add images which are of great quality. So it will be easy to help each other with identifying the shells for those who can’t. Because that is what this group is all about. Photographing, painting, drawing, sharing and identifying if you can. It will be great if you tell us where you found the shells but if you bought them we understand that you can’t.
While doing that it will be amazing, how much people will learn about the shells and create a real passion if you have that not all ready.

Avatar Images..2013

by Livvy Young

What is a shell? A shell is a hard outer covering of an animal, as the hard case of a mollusk, or either half of the case of a bivalve mollusk.


Walking along the beach picking up seashells and sea life has been enjoyed by millions of people throughout the world. There is nothing more heart warming then watching a young child run along the beach for hours on end excitedly pointing out all of the fabulous creatures and seashells that can be found along the seashore, and gathering up seashells to listen into. With so many miles of shorelines throughout the world, all covered with nature’s treasures , it would be difficult not to find this hobby enjoyable.
Remember that our coastlines are an important part of the environment, so please try to leave an area as pristine as it was when you arrived, if not more so.
Please do not litter and if you see someone else’s trash gather and dispose of it properly. If you flip over a rock to look for specimens make sure to replace it when you are done looking. All of these tips will help to keep our shorelines a viable habitat for all.

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