Strictly Gothic (limit of two per day)

A celebration of the Gothic architectural style.


  • Opera House, Paris 7 by John Velocci
  • Columns Carlisle Cathedral Cumbria England 198405250020 by Fred Mitchell
  • Opera House, Paris 2 by John Velocci
  • Hexham Abbey, the Nave. by John Dalkin
  • Screen and Nave Abbey Dore England 198405170050 by Fred Mitchell
  • Looking to west along nave from choir Cathedral Herefordl England 198405150058 by Fred Mitchell
  • Vertical shot of Nave Cathedral Hereford England 198405150045  by Fred Mitchell
  • Altar and stained glass window Hereford Cathedral England 198405150038  by Fred Mitchell
  • Rose Window at York Minster. by John Dalkin
  • Union Station by John Velocci
  • From north transept to nave Cathedral Soissons France 198405070008 by Fred Mitchell
  • Nave Cathedral Soissons France 198405070003 by Fred Mitchell
  • North transept and rose window from crossing Cathedral Soissons France 198405070007 by Fred Mitchell
  • Opera House, Paris by John Velocci
  • Jeronimos Monastery by MichaelJP
  • Whitby Abbey by Alison Scotland
  • St Michael's Cathedral Dijon France 198405010038  by Fred Mitchell
  • Westminster by MichaelJP