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Streetscapes - City/Town streets with buildings/ground in equal focus. *Features 28/11/15*

NO single buildings/portraits or country/coastal/park/abstract shots, please.


  • Covered arcade near Duomo Milan Italy 19840704 0004   by Fred Mitchell
  • Double Arch by YogiColleen
  • Shopping time by rasim1
  • Culross Palace  and the Houses of Culross by biddumy
  • Hawkshead Village by Tom Gomez
  • Clovelly, Cornwall by hans p olsen
  • Blue tram by rasim1
  • City - NY - Flavors of Italy 1900 by Mike  Savad
  • Piazza St Ambrogio Milan Italy 19840706 0005 by Fred Mitchell
  • A Night in Prague by Briana McNair
  • Street near our hotel Firenze Italy 19840707 0001 by Fred Mitchell
  • The bridge by rasim1
  • Nimborio Alleyway Steps by Tom Gomez
  • Yewdale Road by Tom Gomez
  • Gentleman on horseback, C16 Costume Parade Florence Italy 19840708 0034 by Fred Mitchell
  • City - NY - Jewish market on the East Side 1890 by Mike  Savad
  • Looking up West Bow by Tom Gomez
  • A streetscape by rasim1