Streetscapes - City/Town streets with buildings/ground in equal focus. *Features 14/9/15*

NO single buildings/portraits or country/coastal/park/abstract shots, please.

Recent Work

  • hotel a Pegli by Luca Massone  disegni
  • Castello sul mare a colori by Luca Massone  disegni
  • Potter's Cay Docks in Nassau, The Bahamas by Jeremy Lavender Photography
  • North Beach, San Francisco, California by Scott Johnson
  • Cable Car - A San Francisco Landmark by Buckwhite
  • Santa Maria dos Anjos Church by João Figueiredo
  • Il Palazzo Ducale di Genova by Luca Massone  disegni
  • ONE LANE TUNNEL-TWO WAY TRAFFIC by Paul Quixote Alleyne
  • Romantic window in the Cotswolds by hans p olsen
  • The Breakwater on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, Florida by Jeremy Lavender Photography
  • Lady by Monjii
  • Under The Overpass by Brian Carson

About This Group


We want images that show us the street as it is (not as in street photography/photo journalism). But more like the focus of the your subject is the street as a whole and not a single character or object (ie NO single buildings, doors etc). NO PORTRAITS or CANDIDS please!!

If you are still uncertain whether or not this group is for you, please visit THIS forum thread Thanks!

CONGRATULATIONS to these Streetscapes which I submitted for possible featuring under the heading of “Alley-Oop!” :-) Featured on the Homepage on 8th/9th July 2010 (UK time)

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