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Story Challenge 3/13/11

C. Michael Cox C. Michael Cox 108 posts

Here at Story through Image we like to celebrate both image and story. In the spirit of story, therefore, the hosts would like to provide you with a challenge. We hope it inspires you to write!

Should you choose to accept our challenge…

Here are the rules:
1. We will post a work of art (the easy part)
2. Your challenge is to create a poem or story that is (however loosely) related to the image
3. Post your prose in this thread

We understand that inspiration may lead you to write something completely abstract with no actual relation to the image. Take advantage of that inspiration and write your piece – and enjoy it! Then come back to the image and try again. When you have something that relates to the image – post it!!!

(Note - This challenge is meant to inspire original work. Don’t submit previously written material that happens to qualify; take it as an actual challenge and create something new. Oh, and don’t violate copyright guidelines!)

Selected Image:

Catch Her if You Can
by micklyn

After an appropriate amount of submissions, the winner will be chosen by the hosts, at our sole discretion. Winning selection will be posted on the group home page, and the author will be added to our featured members list.

vaggypar vaggypar 12928 posts

Great Work .!!

BabyM2 BabyM2 196 posts

I love micklyn work and this image of her daughter inspired me to write the below poem..I,ve wrote this as though i am the one that’s taking the picture..

A joy

innocent blue eyes
that sparkle
I’m watching you
through my lens..

branching out like a tree
with each twirl
the sunshine
in your ringlets
full of laughter..

i feel
your in your magic place

reaching for the sky
with all the other
where you hear
the applause..

and the sunflowers
have grace and beauty
like you..

she looks
at me
right before
the pirouette

she waits
to grow up
to be like her mother
where she grows in hearts
like a plant in earth..

so much joy
to her
her souls delight..

a beautiful child
who loves to dance..

micklyn micklyn 234 posts

That is such a lovely poem, BabyM2, and so gracefully expresses my joy as I watch her dance. Thank for sharing it!! : )

C. Michael Cox C. Michael Cox 108 posts

Well done, BabyM2!

Valerie Rosen Valerie Rosen 1999 posts

Such sweet words to go with a sweet image! Great work, BabyM2! :-) val

ian osborne ian osborne 446 posts

A lovely joyful poem perfect for the image. Well done BabyM2

Here’s my effort……..

Bright Future

The house is drab and grey behind the weeds which grow up throughout the garden and give the place such an air of neglect that you would be forgiven for thinking it derelict. It is home to a family of five who have fallen on hard times and eke out a meagre existence in a monochrome world of shattered hopes and broken dreams.

Yet there is hope if only they could see it.

Maria the youngest child, a scrawny, unkempt girl of four, has a window to the future which she keeps to herself knowing that her vision would be dismissed as the imaginings of a child.

Several times a day she stretches up on tiptoe to put her eye to a knothole in the back fence and witnesses a scene of joyful colour. She doesn’t see an overgrown abandoned rail-track which is in reality what lies beyond the fence, nor does she see the dirt and despair of the present. She sees herself – a little older – in a bright cotton dress dancing on a lush green lawn, her ringlets flying out around her head, watched by her radiant, laughing mother. She sees her father chasing her brothers around beds of beautiful flowers bathed in glorious sunlight. She turns back towards the house and smiles.

C. Michael Cox C. Michael Cox 108 posts

ian – beautiful imagery and your words have a poetic flow to them!

Mike Dineen Mike Dineen 172 posts

My Story
I recognised her. We were the same, though she was wearing a dress and me a tee and shorts, I turned around to look at her and it was like a mirror, same eyes, same nose, same size, only her hair was longer than mine, And then we both smiled at the same time, a smile of recognition. And we both laughed and that’s when our respective moms grabbed us by our thin shoulders and rushed us off in opposite directions. But I kept looking back and saw her being led into number 22. I would come back on Saturday and see if it was true, even though in my heart, I had no doubt, I’d find out her name and what games she liked playing and if she was alergic to gluten too. As we were rushed in opposite directions, my heart sang a celebratory song. She was real, not just someone “my over-active imagination had invented”. Go rot in Hell Doctor Finkelberg, I was right all along

C. Michael Cox C. Michael Cox 108 posts

You captured a wonderful sense of energy in your story, MikeyDee – vibrant…you make every word count. Excellent job!

Mike Dineen Mike Dineen 172 posts

Thank you Mister C. Michael Cox, the photo already has so much vibrant energy:

ian osborne ian osborne 446 posts

Like the angle you’ve played here Mikey. Of course you were right…you would know!

Mike Dineen Mike Dineen 172 posts

Thanks Ian, I like your angle too!

abigcat abigcat 168 posts

Some interesting pieces here, one is in awe at taking a step within the same company. Here goes

What I knew when I was young
My hair would grow and swains would come
My eyes I trusted, for they are blue
And in my heart I knew
that I would wait for you
But love is fickle and unkind
at times
So how could I save myself
for you?
An idea struck me in the head
from a story I had read.
I would build an Ivory Tower
and at the top would be my bed
‘twas on this bed that I would lie
and watch the starlight in the sky
Dreaming of the day to come
when I would hear a plaintive cry
From one whose heart was mine
’till Kingdom come
And now the test is underway
Can he hold on, tho’ the tower sway?
The bricks and rocks from which it’s made
are smooth and form a barricade
He cannot climb to my boudoir fair
Until he calls
" Let down your hair"
Ah! He has found the way to win
and to my heart will enter in
this tower cell in which we’ll live
will see us both forget and give
the promises and lies all lovers make
and stay here just for Heavens sake
Our troubles will not roil below
our faults below the ground we’ll stow
I’ll cut my hair, then let it grow
By when, if fortune smiles on us
we will descend to earth again
and spread our love to all around
’till goodness reigns on holy ground
this holy ground ’pon which I run
" Catch me if you can. I am the Sun "

Not sure if this meets the criteria, and yes it’s a little stretched at times :-))

C. Michael Cox C. Michael Cox 108 posts

“I’ll cut my hair, then let it grow again” – I really like this line. It’s abrupt then carefree…violent and ironic. Fun poem, abigcat!

Mike Dineen Mike Dineen 172 posts

3 very different but fascinating pieces- All from 1 Pic. I am enjoying this non-competitive challenge, Thanks to all!

Mike Dineen Mike Dineen 172 posts

The following Salurday, I went back to number 22. Her name was Mila, her favourite colour blue and she enjoyed chess and dungeons & dragons. She detested all things pink and Hello Kitty as she found them Misogynistic ( I had to google that when I got home). Her favourite movie was/is Rainman and when I told her about Doctor Finkleberg, She had a fabulous idea. Our first mission together was to get some shaving foam/baloons and to “attack” Fingleberg’s car. We laughed and had a lot of fun.

He was the one who needed his head examined, never locking his car, like that

micklyn micklyn 234 posts

Lol at your wonderful, whimsical work, MikeyDee!! love it!! I’m so honoured my picture was chosen for this challenge and it has been amazing amazing amazing to see everybody’s work and ideas – thank you!

ian osborne ian osborne 446 posts

Great inspired writing Dave and I’m glad to see you here with us. Interesting to see the different aspects that we pick up on from the one photograph.

Like the continuation Mikey!!

Hello micklyn. You are the true star of the show with your wonderful, inspiring photograph.

Mike Dineen Mike Dineen 172 posts

Agreed Ian, the stars are Micklyn and the lovely Mila! And thanks again Micklyn for your comment on my wonderful whimsical words!

Mike Dineen Mike Dineen 172 posts

“We’re like M& M’s, you and me, he said to her as the walked past the candy store. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…”, she said in her usual mysterious way. “Glad they don’t have pink ones”, I agreed and we continued walking and talking, two blue M and Ms

Mike Dineen Mike Dineen 172 posts

That , of course, is the real reason why it’s not good to eat blue M&Ms,All the rest is just bunkum & urbanlegend, A dangerous Finkelbergisation of reality

Ray-d Ray-d 110 posts


It was late at night in my Studio.
Tired and fast running out of ideas.

Sarah taps at the door and her impish eyes smile at me from the crack.

She thinks she is so grown up but she awkwardly tiptoes towards the couch with an embarrassed grin.
At 12 she still has that “Puppy” scent!
I do not envy her next 10 years.

She balls her body, hugging her knees, on my couch, complaining of sleeplessness.

Talks and talks at me, her uncle, who just nods and occasionally murmurs ever so slightly to a "What do you think Unk!
I reach for the blank sheet of watercolour-paper I have on the easel.

I know she likes her uncle who is never much in the country.
She think he is “Cool”.
She says she cannot talk in the same way to anyone else.
Sketch finished I reach for the brushes.

But I feel a fraud…and yet sadly proud to be here, listening to her disjointed musings, this late in the night, her pouring out her soul.
The background and base shades are done.

She was too tired to sleep.
I can see I will lose her soon.
She is too passionate not to fall in love deeply and then I will just be a faded memory.

But I am happy to just listen for once.
The Pyjamas need doing now.
I put a Lamp on for more light.

She talks of boredom and adventure that is hardly possible for a girl with village parents and a tight loving family.
The warm colours come next.

She is too naive for the cruelty that lies beyond this friendly shore.
Alas, in some years I might return, invited to her wedding to that lucky boy who will steal her innocent big eyes from me.
But I will have this painting to remember this night by.

I notice it is quiet…she sleeps in a foetal curl, sweet squeaks coming from her dreams.

I lift her and lazy arms encircle my neck.
Gently I lay her down on her bed and cover her tiny body.

I feel emptiness in my soul but happiness in my heart.
This is special!

micklyn micklyn 234 posts

That is some really beautiful writing, Ray-d. Wow.

Mike Dineen Mike Dineen 172 posts

Ray-D, very interesting take & intruiging story, fine narration and I agree with Micklyn, Wow!