Stillness Speaks **Max 2 uploads per day** {{No NUDES, ABSTRACT, CANDIDS or ACTION IMAGES}}

Taken directly from the mouth of Eckhart Tolle, This Group is exactly what it sounds like; / How does stillness speak to you? / What brings you great joy and peace? / This Group is for reflection and peace, and the art that brings us there.


  • Storm at the Chimney by kalaryder
  • Snow Haze by Stacy Colean
  • Where Eagles Dare by jammingene
  • Save Me A Seat  by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Flowers against wall by Silvia Ganora
  • A welcome to weary travellers (pls see notes) by Kanages Ramesh
  • Colliford Reflections, Bodmin Moor  by lezvee
  • Kissed by the morning sun by jchanders
  • 1218 Melbourne Gaol by DavidsArt
  • Whispers in the dark 2 by Priska Wettstein
  • Hearing the call of the morning by jchanders
  • Aurora 2017-03-21 by Tim Haynes
  • Evening at the Pond by Barbara  Brown
  • Morning temptation by jchanders
  • Free Spirit  by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Bear Lake in the Rocky Mountains by Alex Cassels
  • Cobalt Mist by Claire Walsh
  • Swan Song by Barbara  Brown