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Taken directly from the mouth of Eckhart Tolle, This Group is exactly what it sounds like; / How does stillness speak to you? / What brings you great joy and peace? / This Group is for reflection and peace, and the art that brings us there.


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Comment Welcome to Stillness Speaks
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Hi :)
I’m Beth Lambert.
I think it would be great for new joiners (since we’re all “new joiners”) to introduce themselves and feel free to discuss whatever is on their mind.
I would invite each and every one of us to share with eachother, in whatever m

over 3 years ago by Ellanita
Comment On my Mind.....
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Just a friendly place for anything that is on your mind. Words of encouragement, quotes and queries.
I invite anyone and everyone to speak freely and openly without any harshness or put-downs.

almost 6 years ago by a~m .
Comment Competitions
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Competition guidelines and questions about competitions.

almost 6 years ago by Jaybe
Comment Games & Fun
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This is a place for different games to get us all interacting with each other. You can join a game that’s already going or start your own!

almost 6 years ago by Susanne Correa
Comment Group News
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almost 6 years ago by blambert
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