Sticks and Stones and Living Things

A collection of the 'Harder' side of Mother Nature. No household Pets Please. There are many lovely dog and cat groups out there.

Recent Work

  • PurrWhite! by Doug Norkum
  • Warrumbungle Skyline by Michael Matthews
  • Stave by Ana Belaj
  • Clouds over the Beach by Glen Allen
  • Laccaria Laccata by relayer51
  • Apple hollowed out by insects... by Laurie Minor
  • "'s definitely not one of us....." by Laurie Minor
  • On Your Marks! by Carl Olsen
  • Placid Tigger by BarbBarcikKeith
  • Mound of Mushrooms by John Butler
  • Breathless by John Butler
  • Snowflakes by WildestArt

About This Group

Here, we’re going to focus on what Mother Nature creates. Some of the most beautiful shots are the ones taken right under our feet. In the rivers and streams, plants, rock formations. This group if going to focus on the nature of the land and what lives on it.
A reminder to not submit “cat” and “Dog” photo’s. They are very lovely, but there are some wonderful groups for dogs and cats. I love my “Mastiff” group. Anyhow, Happy shooting! I enjoy all your works so very much.

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