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Features 08/28/10 --Special Nevada Horse Feature

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 10100 posts

Features today are all Nevada horses in honor of the Mt. Mariah horses that are being subject to 100%
Round up over the next few days.

Click here for a forum discussion and a link to more information about BLM Round Ups.

This range is the range my co-host Arla frequents, and many of these horses rounded up will be the ones she has photographed. Arla doesn’t know that I’m doing this special Nevada Horse Honorary Feature. She also doesn’t know that so far, the first six Nevada horse photos featured are hers.
If any one else has photos of Nevada horses to enter in the group, I space to feature six more. Enter them in the group and then bmail me.

Here are the features so far.

Nevada Wild Horses—This is for You

by Arla M. Ruggles

Old Warrior
by Arla M. Ruggles

Little Prince
by Arla M. Ruggles

Wait for me, Mommy!
by Arla M. Ruggles

Wild About Her
by Arla M. Ruggles

Wildest Dreams
by Arla M. Ruggles

Arla will have a permanent gallery in the Wild Horses, Mustangs, and Other Non-Domestic Equines group. This is a surprise to her. She did not know I was doing this.

Arla Ruggles’ Gallery: (Nevada) Wild Horses, Mustangs and Other Non-Domestic Equines

Featured Artists
We are waiting to see some more gorgeous art and photos from at least three more artists who we wish to feature soon because we love what we have seen in their portfolios. Please remember to post your work to the “Wild Horses, Mustangs and Other Non-Domestic Equines” group.
In addition to featuring artists, we have talked about setting up mini permanent galleries to showcase work of featured artists. If there is interest in this, please let us know.

Group News
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Arla M. Ruggles Arla M. Ruggles 674 posts

OMG!!! Corri!

Thank you very much for this incredible gallery … AND PLEASE let’s not forget that the purpose of this feature page
is to bring attention to the plight of Nevada’s wild horses. Nevada is currently home to the most mustangs
in the US.

BLM roundups have begun in the eastern regions; starting with Moriah area, yesterday, and moving to
the Ely WHMA (Wild Horse Management Area) in coming weeks.

Please, please! DO contact your Congressmen!
Actual letters are more likely to be read than emails.
Please invest the price of a stamp …. sample letters are available at:

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 10100 posts

You beat me to posting the address link. I was just coming back to do that now,

Arla M. Ruggles Arla M. Ruggles 674 posts

For the duration of roundups in Nevada –

(That would also include my calendar: Wild Horses Of The High Desert Range )