Wild Horses Of The World

Horses, Mustangs, Donkeys, Brumbies, and ALL other NON-DOMESTIC Equines (including zebras, wild and captured burros, brumbies and horses). Group Active September 2014.

Recent Work

  • Stallion On The Run by Kent Keller
  • Whatcha looking at?  by Nicole  Markmann Nelson
  • The Run  by Nicole  Markmann Nelson
  • Silhouette of Wild Horse Mare - 40515 by BartElder
  • Silver and Gold Unicorn, tote, case, pillow by LoneAngel
  • White Stallion on Black, tote, pillow case by LoneAngel
  • A Hug From Mom by Kent Keller
  • Horse in Lake, tote, pillow, case by LoneAngel
  • Praire Wind by Cliff Vestergaard
  • Up From The Canyons by Susan Bergstrom
  • The Wild Life by Kent Keller
  • Dream Horse by LoneAngel

About This Group

Welcome to the WILD HORSES, MUSTANGS, BURROS, and Other Non-Domestic EQUINES group.

Dedicated to developing and promoting Reasonable and Practical SOLUTIONS to the plight of WILD EQUINES everywhere - and PARTICULARLY those inhabiting North America.

2013 Wild Equine Feature Gallery

2012 Wild Equine Feature Gallery

( ♥ Thanks to the tireless efforts of our beloved cohost, Corri ♥ )

As of 13 JUNE, 2010 – the group is rededicated to the pressing issue: WILD HORSES, MUSTANGS, BURROS, and Other Non-Domestic EQUINES

High quality Photography, and other Photo-based EQUINE works, as well as Traditional Fine Arts are all welcome!

In addition, and in PARTICULAR – we welcome WRITTEN ARTICLES addressing the issues facing our wild herds. Articles must be WELL-WRITTEN, well-documented (where applicable); and will include ideas and suggestions for workable SOLUTIONS. By which, we mean that we already know what the problem is.It is not enough to stand there shaking a fist and pointing fingers.
NOW, let’s explore workable SOLUTIONS, options, and ideas about what we are FOR — not simply what we are AGAINST.)

Submissions to the group are *MODERATED and require host approval.

We love Mustangs, Wild Horses, Donkeys, Burros, Ponies, Colts, Mares, Stallions, Fillies, Brumbies, Nags, and Studs and maybe even wild Zebras and such … so long as they are either WILD (in the Wild) or designated “wild” according to BLM definition, or “feral”, as the case may be. Wild Horses on preserves or in captivity may be submitted, and the description should include LOCATION, and end destination, if possible.

Excellent Photography and Artwork depicting WILD HORSES will be the PRIMARY focus of the group.

| Thank you Gene Praag for the use of Iconic as our group’s first avatar

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