"Steel Blades and the Power of Viscosity"

A Group dedicated to old-school Collages made with Actual Scissors and Genuine Glue

Recent Work

  • Crash by lerson
  • Fisherman by lerson
  • Argo Dying in Corperate Dispair on the the Plains of Arabia. by Andy Nawroski
  • Two Suns by lerson
  • Renew by Regina Valluzzi
  • Sea Anemone by lerson
  • Dreaming in The Red Car by lerson
  • Refresh by Regina Valluzzi
  • Sunday Morning by lerson
  • Callisto by lerson
  • No Signal by lerson
  • Flat Earth by lerson

About This Group

Finally – a home for those people who can’t help cutting things up and sticking them back together in new ways, with actual steel blades and real viscosity! A home for all those collaged creations that were made pre-PhotoShop, or are still being created by those out-of-touch luddites who eschew fancy technologies and create art with scissors, knives, glue, and paper! Yes! It’s true!


(well, except that to get it up here you’ll need to scan it in, and okay, some cropping or resizing is allowed – but you know what we mean. sheesh, stop being so picky.)

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