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  • Miller and grain on column capital Cathedral Vezelay France 19840505 0076  by Fred Mitchell
  • Meditation............ by lynn carter
  • Outcast by Ben Loveday
  • Baptism Jesus, Column capital Vezelay France 19840505 0061 by Fred Mitchell
  • Men eating grape bunches, column Capital Vezelay France 19840505 0063 by Fred Mitchell
  • Tympanum south door Narthex Vezelay France 19840505 0052 by Fred Mitchell
  • Left view of tympanum inner door Vezelay France 19840505 0054  by Fred Mitchell
  • Tympanum over internal door Narthex Vezelay France 19840505 0056 by Fred Mitchell
  • People and animals right base of tympanum Narthex door Vezelay France 19840505 0057 by Fred Mitchell
  • On tympanum Narthex Vezelay France 198405050058 by Fred Mitchell
  • Roland and hunting Column capital Vezelay France 19840505 0059  by Fred Mitchell
  • The Black Prince does Le Tour!  by Glen Allen
  • Cherub II by Kerri Ann Crau
  • Halls Cottage Postbox by lezvee
  • Quiet Morning by Kerri Ann Crau
  • Pink Horses Anyone? by Alexandra Lavizzari
  • Asian Antiquity by Heather Friedman
  • King and Queen by John Thurgood