Star Trail Photography

Star Trail photography

Recent Work

  • Thunder Storm at Wolls by Murray Wills
  • Star Trails over Blencathra in the English Lake District by Martin Lawrence
  • Star Trail by Keith Arends
  • Moremi NP with MilkyWay by Withns
  • African Star Trail by Withns
  • Barrus Homestead revisited #2.IMGP5877 by Murray Wills
  • Barrus Homestead revisited 5892. by Murray Wills
  • A lone Perseid meteor streaks across the sky by Josef Pittner
  • Milky Way by safetygav
  • The Spiders Web by David Haworth
  • Star.Trail.4346.aurora. by Murray Wills
  • North Star over Plastira lake by dasdarkseed

About This Group

This group is dedicated to star trail photography using either a single long exposure, or using star trail stacking software.

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