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bubblehex08 bubblehex08 1987 posts

Dear group members,
after discussing the subject with Senti, new/old host in this group, I was volunteering to co-host with the condition to go back to the initial purpose of the group.

Let me explain: if you look at the group gallery there are 147 pages and the last 80 pages show only steps, stairs, staircases, stairways, stairwells, escalators with steps … and then at one moment, bridges were also accepted. (67 most recent pages).
I think there is one group at least on RB which accepts all kind of bridge pictures. And two more groups for covered bridges. I know that most bridges need some steps just as most buildings have steps. That’s not a reason to accept pictures of those buildings in our group, unless the steps are visible!

So, I will not remove the featured bridges in the group but I want to change the rules in the way that from now on we accept only pictures of bridges where we can see steps.

here are a few examples of what is welcome in our gallery:

My little gallery could go on but I think you got my idea ;)

One of our next challenges might be about bridges with steps …

I’m looking forward to all your interesting work coming in and I hope we will have a lot of pleasure together in this interesting group!

Marjolein Katsma Marjolein Katsma 1573 posts

Looks clear to me :) Thank you MarieJo for the clarification!

ctheworld ctheworld 7390 posts

Got it MarieJo! I will look over my work submitted in the past, and then remove any bridges without steps showing. This may help get those pages down a bit….

PhotosByHealy PhotosByHealy 2546 posts

Sounds good to me, MarieJo. I have three images of bridges/ramps that were featured in this group. However should the decision be made they need need to be removed to comply with the overall group theme, I’d have no issue with their removal.

- Gene

Chris Brunton Chris Brunton 1612 posts

Sounds clear to me … I have removed my bridge photo to help get the pages down a bit.

bubblehex08 bubblehex08 1987 posts

thanks to all for removing the bridges! I did the same for mine, too ;)

Marjolein Katsma Marjolein Katsma 1573 posts

Hmmm – I have some more bridges that I had not added yet – with steps ;) nothing to remove (I checked).

Photography  by Mathilde Photography b... 3281 posts

I have removed my two bridges without steps/stairs

ellismorleyphto ellismorleyphto 6347 posts

Thank you! I am very happy this group has returned to its roots. :-D

While I did not dislike the direction this was taking I really like “niche” groups, it’s good to have somewhere to put “just this or that” :-)

In addition, this is one of the VERY FEW groups that makes me look when I am out.. “oooh that would be good for the Stairs Group” is something I say in my head a lot on my travels :-P Some submissions into groups are “organic” some are very planned before I even press the shutter :-)

sentimentum sentimentum 1106 posts

Great to hear this ellismorley :)

Thank you everyone for removing bridges, but as they were once part of this group and featured it is not a problem… Just no bridges without showing the steps please from now :))


Dlouise Dlouise 3043 posts

Thank you very much, it’s great to keep the group as it is meant to be!