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Features Gallery 6 Dec 11

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Welcome to the Features Art Gallery …

Please Note .. Not all the images in this gallery may be available as framed prints




Thank You:

The Red Stairway to the Iguana Grill by John Kapusta, Creative Minds by Janet Fikar,
The Ashland covered bridge by cclaude, Cafe Felix by Charmiene Maxwell-batten,
Run Through The Night by Evelina Kremsdorf , At the End of Sugar Street by Ethna Gillespie

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Evelina Kremsdorf Evelina Kremsdorf 204 posts

Wow thanks so much for featuring my shot!!

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Message forwarding….

Thank you for the feature. Much appreciated. – cclaude
thankyou so very much for this feature!!!!! – Charmiene Maxwell-batten

Thank you very much! – Ethna Gillespie

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Wonderful – congrats to all !