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Squirrels at play

All rodents and rabbits welcome! Wild or pet!

Recent Work

  • What?  by MoreKeala
  • Squirrel on a bench and some nuts by luckypixel
  • Curious squirrel by luckypixel
  • Squirrel looks at you from the bottom up by luckypixel
  • I'm having a balanced breakfast! by MoreKeala
  • Looking at you by Dwellsphoto
  • Are you following me? by Dwellsphoto
  • Being shy by Dwellsphoto
  • Say "Peanuts" by MoreKeala
  • I stand out from the scenery!  ;0) by MoreKeala
  • Why is your tail all furry?  by MoreKeala
  • Merry Christmas Little Mice by Kimberley Pollock

About This Group

This is a group for all rodents. Squirrels, Chipmunks, mice, rabbits, prairie dogs ect…wild or pet rodents are welcome.
~~Image of the Week!~~

A Squirrel and Her Suet by ame814
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