Square Photography

A group displaying the finest square photos on RedBubble

Recent Work

  • Dainty blue by Caterpillar
  • by the fountain by Dorit Fuhg
  • The Iconographers by Ben Loveday
  • The Entertainers by Ben Loveday
  • Out of the box by Geoffrey Fighiera
  • The Poetry of Logical Ideas by Ben Loveday
  • Lost fight by Geoffrey Fighiera
  • LA PISCINE by Sonia de Macedo-Stewart
  • Cherries, my love... by Caterpillar
  • Form Forever Follows Function by Ben Loveday
  • Where were you at 6am? by mikebov
  • Puffin by James1980

About This Group

This a group for photography that relies on a square format to make effective images.

Images should use the square format to produce a striking and evocative composition.

Square can be static and calm, it can be focussed and intense, graphic, simplistic or surreal, symmetrical or a-symmetrical, mysterious, ethereal, evocative or nostalgic. Square images have a quality unlike the conventional rectangular or panoramic format and your images should celebrate this form.

No restriction on theme, but please see the group rules about subjects we don’t want to include in the group (they are already covered by other groups on RB). Please only submit your best work, we will moderate submissions and try to maintain the highest quality of images in the group. We want this to be a group you feel proud to be a member of!

See the group rules and join this group here

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